Course schedules

Glass fusing for beginners - COVID-19 UPDATE

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all classes scheduled for 2020 have been postponed.

Until such times as I can run the classes safely and in accordance with government guidelines and good practice, I am unable to offer classes in my home studio.

I know this is very disappointing but I feel that a large part of the enjoyment of attending a class is the atmosphere gained from attending with other like-minded people. Therefore until social distancing is no longer an issue, and until I can allow people into my own home, it is just not possible to comply with the guidelines. I feel I would be providing a sub-standard experience which I'm not willing to compromise on.

As soon as things change, I will be creating a schedule of classes to get us all making glass again, but in the meantime, stay safe and well everyone!

Improvers Glass fusing

If you have been on more than one beginner class and would like to develop some more techniques or just have more projects in mind that you want to make, please get in touch via email or telephone to discuss availability, as these courses often run on-demand.

Skill-specific courses for existing glass fusers

The most popular course I run for glass fusers is the vitrigraph stringer course, where you can pull your own pot of swirly stringer for use in your own projects back at base. These classes are not usually scheduled in but run on-demand, so if you are interested in learning this fascinating skill and making a huge pile of great stringer, then get in touch!

Other skills lessons available are strip edge construction, drop vessels (including cold working), creating landscapes and seascapes, freeze and fuse, jewellery workshops, or a combination of 2 things, where time allows. These days are bespoke so can be created around your needs.