Small Space Big Impact

5 linked panels as a feature above a bed

Limited space? No problem...

If space is an issue and you want to make the most impact without going OTT, then here are my top tips for how fused glass can make a BIG impact, even in the smallest and most challenging of spaces.

From small cloakrooms, galley kitchens, lounges, dining rooms and Hallways, to stairways, bedrooms and bathrooms, fused glass panels can provide a dynamic solution, bespoke to your space.

Due to it's ability to reflect and transmit light, coloured glass need not be big in order to stand out - a little goes a long way. The use of iridised glass, combinations of transparent and opaque colours, metallic inclusions and texture, make it even more dynamic!

Awkward sizes and how to fill them

Have you ever looked at a skinny wall space between two doors and wondered how to make it less boring? It's easy to find pictures and frames for standard sized walls but when faced with a narrow gap, what do you do?

Proportion is key - you don't want to over-fill the space and make it look cramped. A clear space around any wall mounted artwork is essential to ensure it has room to breathe. So if you only have a narrow space to start with, making a bespoke fused glass panel that can be mounted straight to the wall, is a great solution.

On landings or in hallways where there are often many doorways and lots of narrow gaps, with no artwork on the walls, the space can seem clinical and repetitive. So lets imagine there's a 40cm gap between door frames - not much room hey? Why not install a 10cm wide panel of fused glass? It could be as long as you like - 50 or 60cm long x 10cm wide would give a nice amount of glass to add colour to break up the monotony of the door/wall/door/wall/door view you get when you walk in. These panels can be mounted on invisible stand-off brackets which give the illusion that the glass is floating off the wall. This way, all the focus is on the glass and there is no wasted space being taken up by a frame. Even on a coloured wall, the choice of glass used can complement the colour scheme and stand out - pale colours can create contrast on dark walls, darker colours on paler walls.

Functional wall coverings can double up as art

One of my pet hates is when you see the token gesture of a 3-tile sink splash-back in a cloakroom or wash room. Often there are no other tiles in the room, so they just seem completely out of place, dull and hardly worth the effort. They are not doing much to make the littlest room in the house stand out!

This is where a fused glass panel adhered to the wall in place of the tiles, can create interest, become a focal point and provide the interior design theme for the room. And of course it is totally practical too. Even a textured panel is easily cleaned and will never discolour - unlike grout.


Cloakroom splash-back

Fixing a glass panel directly to the wall is as easy as applying a few dobs of silicone adhesive and pressing it into place. Run a line of clear silicone sealant along the bottom edge and job done. Of course, a fused glass splash-back can be made to any dimensions so you are not restricted to standard tile sizes and you will have one feature panel instead of multiples that may or may not fit the width and height you ideally want.

Seen from all vantage points in the room, your sink splash-back becomes the focal point. You can even have complementary wall art for another wall to create even more cohesion and impact.

Great for humid environments - indeed, anywhere there's a sink; bathroom, kitchen or cloakroom - glass is the ideal medium for splash-backs and counter up-stands, as it's water proof, durable and not affected by heat or moisture.


Conservatory saviours

By their nature, conservatories tend to suffer from extremes of temperature - cold in winter & boiling in summer.

This is where fused glass art can literally save the day! Typically, photography, paintings and prints tend to fade in strong sunlight and your once vibrant piece of art becomes a muted version of it's former self.

Not so with glass. Fused glass will remain as vibrant as the day it was made - no fading, warping or shrinking - just glorious colour all year round, for years to come. Either mounted directly on the wall or onto a white backboard first (as shown), in the case of bare brick walls, the glass will be dazzling as the sun hits it!

Wonderful wall lights

Light Sconce


When you have a wall light in your room, it's often taking up a space in the middle, where you might like to have some artwork, but it's position on the wall means there's not room for both. Unless...... the wall light IS the artwork!

If you would like to have something dynamic when the lights are off as well as when they are on, then how about a fused glass light sconce? As with any other piece of fused glass art, a sconce is really just a panel that is slumped into a curve and placed in front of a light bulb. The added benefit of this, is that you get two for the price of one, as the glass will look different when lit from behind. So art by day, light shade by night!

Crescent sculpture set on an oak stand

Cheer up your alcoves

When you hear the word alcove, you think dark, hidden and unloved don't you - admit it! What if you could make your alcove feel loved again with the simple addition of a back-lit glass panel or sculpture?

As with a wall light, a back-lit panel will provide 2 looks. A bit like accessorising your work-wear to transform your outfit for an evening out!

The great thing about back-lighting glass panels, is that it can provide a subtle ambience without being brash. You don't even need it to be near a socket and no need to channel out your walls to connect to a light switch - battery powered LED strips are used which tuck behind the panel!

Have a tricky or challenging space to fill?

If you would like a no-obligation chat about ideas that could transform a space in your home or office, and create an impact, then please get it touch - send me a photo of the offending space and I can give you some ideas of how we can cheer it up.