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Commission bespoke glass art for your home or workspace interiors

Let me help you achieve the interior image you want for your space, using glass. The process of commissioning a unique piece of glass art is easier than you may think!

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Domestic commissions

Have you ever had a space in your home that was crying out for a splash of colour - a piece of artwork, but was an odd shape, or in an environment where sunlight, humidity or heat could affect a more traditional piece of art? Then a fused glass panel could be the solution for you!

Because all my glass panels are made to measure and can be designed to fill even the most challenging of shapes and sizes, they provide you with the opportunity to bring an interesting perspective to your wall. Likewise if you have a space like a conservatory that suffers from extremes of temperature and intense sunlight, where many artworks could fade or warp, then glass is your answer. Want some art in the bathroom or kitchen but worried about the humidity and heat? Again, glass art, mounted onto the wall with neat (even invisible) fixings, is perfect - it won't fade, warp, or stretch - it will be as beautiful in years to come as it was the day it was made. It is easy to look after and can be removed easily for re-decorating.

Large spaces are no problem - you don't need a huge panel to make a statement in a large space - sometimes the most effective statements can be made by the use of multiple smaller pieces, mounted in such a way that the space is filled, without the stress of one heavy item. Many small integrated pieces combine to create interest and movement, as they can be mounted at various distances from the wall.

Whether you want something purely for aesthetics, or something functional like a splash-back or light sconce, bringing glass into a room can provide you with a contemporary focal point that is unique to your home.


glass art in bathroom

Commercial Commissions

Introducing fused glass in a commercial setting can really create impact and a focal point.

It is ideal for many applications; reception areas, offices, boardrooms, restaurants and hotels, as it's easy to maintain and will not fade, warp or discolour, no matter what the environmental factors are like.

I can work with you to create a bespoke installation that can either be in line with your branding & company image, or simply be a stunning piece of art. It can provide your employees with something beautiful to inspire them in their workplace or create an atmosphere in public spaces for your clients to admire.

Even large and difficult shaped spaces can be transformed with an installation of multiple smaller pieces of glass, that work together in a cohesive design. This means that practically any type of wall structure is capable of holding the fixings used to mount the glass, as it doesn't need to be heavy. This can be one of the most attractive ways to bring life to a space.

Want to discuss a commission?

It's not a scary prospect - just drop me a line here or call me on 07966 461572 if you have a space crying out for some glass!

I can help you bring your vision to life in bespoke fused glass - let's discuss your ideas.