Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Perhaps you are thinking of a statement piece for the entrance or outside seating area within a commercial setting like a hotel, restaurant or office building? A fused glass installation lit up at night could be just the thing to wow your clients and staff!

Love your garden all year round

With fused glass art in your garden, even the dullest of days will contain a vibrant splash of colour. A one-off statement, or a cluster of pieces placed together could bring life to your borders all year round.

Because each piece is made to commission, it will be exactly right for YOUR outdoor space - it will be made from high quality materials that stand the test of time, hot or cold, sunny or wet, the glass outside will not fade or die - it's built to stand out and to last!

Make a statement

Imagine a centrepiece that provides a focal point for your garden - it could even be lit up at night so that you can go on appreciating it after the sun goes down.

Bespoke sculptural designs incorporating glass set into stainless steel or wood, or even mounted on an exterior wall, can be made to compliment your existing garden features. If you are starting from scratch with a newly landscaped garden, we can work a bespoke feature into the plans, no problem!

BB-Garden glass

Solving problems with outdoor glass

Fused glass 'grows' in even the trickiest of conditions! Unlike plants, it doesn't mind how much sunlight it gets, it doesn't need watering or pruning - it will stay colourful and cheerful in all conditions, and in all weathers, with very little care needed to keep it looking it's best.


Garden too shady?

No Problem

Glass is not dependant on whether the sun is shining on it or not - it will add colour even in the darkest corner of the garden

fishpond wall project

Boring outdoor wall?

No Problem

Create a focal point on a previously unloved exterior wall, with a 3D glass installation directly on the wall or mounted on stainless steel - a wow in all weathers


Too busy for gardening?

No problem

Fused glass is low maintenance, durable and will always look good regardless of how much time you have to garden

Next Steps...

If you would like to discuss commissioning some garden glass for your outdoor space, at home or in a commercial setting, please get in touch for a no-obligation call back