My Story

With a background in engineering, creating art with glass means I am satisfying my inner engineer at the same time as using my creativity. The process of glass fusing is inherently technical - dependent on the control of heat in the kiln to produce a huge variety of outcomes. That's why I love it - it's an amazing and versatile material which allows for experimentation and innovation, within the constraints of science.

Since childhood I have been fascinated with the hows and the whys of everything. So being able to channel my creative streak into the endless possibilities that kiln-formed glass brings, satisfies both my left and right brain!

Being on the whole, self-taught, I discovered fused glass in my 40's when I bought a ring at a craft fair. Of course I had to know how it had been made, and so started my research and my journey into glass fusing. Initially setting up a small space in my spare bedroom with a tiny kiln, just big enough for jewellery, it wasn't long before I'd outgrown both the kiln and the bedroom. Fast forward and here I am with my large studio, happily surrounded by glass, 4 kilns and a host of other tools and equipment.

Our Approach


It's just me!

Well.... me and my faithful studio helpers Harvey, Chester & Poppy... although I obviously can't let them get involved in some of the glass fusing processes due to Health & Safety!

At my Kent-based studio I design and make a range of kiln-formed glass art to commission for both domestic and commercial interiors and outdoor spaces - I love to find solutions for tricky spaces - I consider myself a creative problem-solver.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Behind every successful business you will find the team who keep things moving in the right direction - I couldn't do it without them!



Studio Helper & Security Executive

Harvey is always keen to help eat biscuits at tea break time and is especially good at greeting the postman or any visitors... loudly!

He is also a sounding board for new ideas and often insists on taking me out for some inspirational excursions to look at trees, skies & countryside views. He is now training the new apprentice.


*new apprentice* Chester

Currently learning admin

Chester has only just started his apprenticeship but is already showing a flair for admin - well, he likes to sit on the desk and chew the pens!

He is also showing signs of being interested in recycling - often sorting through the bags and shredding it with his sharp teeth! I think this is going to be really useful lol.



Packaging assistant & therapist

Poppy is a bit of a fair-weather assistant, who mainly helps with testing and quality control of bags of packaging materials and empty boxes.

She likes to think she is also the team therapist by allowing you to stroke her at the end of a hard day - but this very much depends on her mood and whether she can be found!