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Thank you for visiting Beverley Bunn Glass Art. Here you can find out how to get some fused glass art into your life!

Fused glass is an amazingly versatile and vibrant medium that lends itself to all kinds of applications. From wearable or decorative art to functional interior decor, from jewellery to large-scale installations, it can really bring a space to life. Fused glass doesn't fade, warp or change over time - it's durable, cleanable and resilient - so perfect for even those rooms in the house where heat, strong light, or humidity can affect other art-forms.

Let me take you on a journey through the exciting world of fused glass, and perhaps you will see how a piece of glass in your life, can only be a good thing!

glass art bowl

Interior Glass Art

Choosing glass art for a home or workspace need not be stressful. I offer a bespoke design service for interiors of all shapes and sizes, with options for functional solutions such as lighting and splash-backs, as well as decorative wall pieces and homeware.

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Glass Art Gallery

Glass art for walls or decorative sculpture and vessels, are designed and made for a selection of galleries and for exhibitions. Often following a theme or a specific technical process, this work allows me to express my own creativity and develop my practice.

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Glass Art Gifts

A range of giftware is designed throughout the year to accommodate seasonal themes & budgets. From vibrant jewellery, colourful candle screens & soap dishes, to families of glass jelly babies, there is something for everyone in the gift collection!

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Glass Art Workshops

Ever fancied trying your hand at glass fusing? Want to know what it's all about? I teach workshops at my studio, where you can experience the exciting world of kiln-formed glass! Every course is a fun-filled day of creativity and learning, but be warned, it can be addictive!

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If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke piece of glass for your home or workplace, if you are a gallery owner wishing to discuss exhibition opportunities, or if you want to give glass fusing a try yourself, please get in touch!